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Paralegal, A.A.S.

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(CIP 22.0302)


Purpose: The Associate of Applied Science Degree for Paralegal is designed to prepare the successful student for a career as a Paralegal. In this program, the student gains knowledge of legal and court procedures in rendering a variety of legal services, including research, case management, drafting of documents, client interviews, and law firm operations. The need for persons to assist the legal profession has expanded greatly with population increases and the growing demand for legal services. The qualified Paralegal may find employment with law firms, business and industry, including banks, title companies, insurance firms, governmental agencies, petrochemical companies, etc.

Attorneys generally set high standards of character and education for Paralegals. Paralegals must be responsible and mature individuals thoroughly conversant in legal terminology and procedures. The curriculum consists of various Paralegal courses, including a two-semester Cooperative Education (internship). The Cooperative Education courses provide the students with the opportunity to further increase their knowledge and skill levels needed for employment in the legal field.

Once a student has enrolled in the Paralegal program, courses must be completed in the proper sequence as shown in the catalog degree plan or must have the approval of the Paralegal Program Director.

First Year

Semester Credits: 15

Second Semester (Spring)

Semester Credits: 12

Third Semester (Summer)

Semester Credits: 9

Second Year

First Semester (Fall)

Semester Credits: 12

Second Semester (Spring)

Semester Credits: 12

Total Credits Required for A.A.S. Paralegal Degree: 60

+ Denotes core requirement. Speak with Department Chair or Pathways Advisor for proper course selection.

* Capstone course. If a student registers for a co-op course (internship), the student must have a co-op site arranged prior to the first day of the semester class.

** Students planning to transfer to a four-year university need to take BCIS 1305 

** LGLA 1301  and LGLA 1311  must be taken during the first semester.

NOTES: Additional Paralegal courses may be offered in a semester.

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