May 30, 2024  

Board of Regents, Administration and Staff

Board of Regents

See ACC’s Board of Regents webpage.

Emeriti Administrators & Instructors

Dr. Christal M. Albrecht

President, Emeritus

A. Rodney Allbright

President, Emeritus

JoAn Anderson

Dean of Students, Emeritus

Gilbert Benton

English Instructor, Emeritus

Dr. John Bethscheider

Dean of Technical Programs, Emeritus

William Bitner

Chemistry Department Chair, Emeritus

Frankie Blansit

Sports & Human Performance
Instructor & Coach, Emeritus

Thomas L. Bryan

Instructor of History Instructor, Emeritus

José G. Castillo, Jr.

Associate Dean of Student and Instructional Services, Emeritus

James Corbett

Mathematics Instructor, Emeritus

Allen Bill Crider

Division Chair, English & Fine Arts, Emeritus

Cleo Congrady

English Instructor, Emeritus

Diane Flatland

Allied Health & TDJC, Emeritus

Charles Ferguson

English Instructor, Emeritus

Dorothy Hitt

Office Administration Department Chair, Emeritus

Sandra Horine

Instructor and Department Chair
Child Development & Early Childhood, Emeritus

William Horine

Biology Instructor, Emeritus

Patsy Klopp

English Instructor, Emeritus

Mary Knapp

Court Reporting Department Chair, Emeritus

James T. Lewis

Dean of Administrative Services, Emeritus

Nancy Lobb

Psychology Instructor, Emeritus

Marvin Longshore

Government Instructor, Emeritus

James Meadows

Dean of Instruction, Student & Community Services, Emeritus

Danny R. Potter

Dean of Financial & Administrative Services, Emeritus

Julia Roberts

ABE/GED Department Chair, Emeritus

Joan Rossano

Administrative Coordinator, Emeritus
Director of Child Lab School, Emeritus

Marcello Joe Rossano

Dean of Financial & Administrative Services, Emeritus

Gerald Skidmore

Dean of Instruction, Student & Community Services, Emeritus

Andy Tacquard

Chief of Police, Emeritus

In Memoriam

The Alvin Community College memorial fountain is dedicated to all who have influenced the lives of others through service to the college.

Faculty & Administrative/Professional Staff

See ACC’s Faculty and Staff Directory