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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Students must submit a graduation application in The POD by the published deadline in the semester’s schedule. Students may graduate, if the following criteria are met:

  1. All program course requirements have been completed by enrollment or approved course substitution.
  2. No less than 25% of the program of study must be earned in residence for an associate degree or certificate. Semester hours granted for prior learning education do not apply toward the 25% residence requirements.
  3. A minimum 2.0 grade point average was earned in courses which apply to the degree or certificate.
  4. TSI requirements were met, if pursuing an obligated degree/ certificate.

The College will automatically award a degree or certificate when requirements in the declared program of study are evaluated as complete for students who are enrolled and may not have applied to graduate.

Graduation Under a Particular Catalog

To graduate, a student must complete the requirements of the ACC catalog in effect at the time a degree or certificate program is elected. Degree or certificate program election is normally done during the admission process. To change a program, a Program Change Form must be filed with the Office of the Registrar. Students have the option of moving to the current catalog year while staying with the same degree and/or certificate programs. Students are limited to one active academic associate degree or one active technical associate degree and its corresponding certificate(s) at a time.

Students may petition for graduation under the program and catalog year on file at ACC for five years from the date of last enrollment. A student must have been enrolled during the catalog year in which they are petitioning to graduate from. If petition for graduation is made six years or more from date of last enrollment, the catalog in effect at the time of the petition is used to determine program completion.

Alvin Community College will also evaluate credits for the award of the AA General Studies degree using the current catalog year. If the student qualifies for a degree it will be posted to the ACC transcript. Alvin Community College will also award (an) embedded certificate(s) for students on technical associate degrees. 

Reverse Transfer Graduation

Alvin Community College has entered into agreements with many Texas universities which allows the automatic evaluation of credits earned after the student transfers. Students who sign agreements at their university will have their university credits reverse transferred to ACC for the possible award of an Associate Degree.

Former Alvin Community College students may graduate under the AAT, AA or AS degree plan and catalog year that was on file at the time they transferred to another college/university providing the request does not exceed three years.

  • The remaining credits were completed at an accredited college or university.
  • The credit was completed within three years from the date of last attendance at ACC.
  • The student has met all remaining conditions for graduation as published in the institutional catalog.
  • A diploma is requested.

Alvin Community College will also evaluate credits for the award of the AA General Studies degree using the current catalog year. If the student qualifies for either degree it will be posted to the ACC transcript.

Earning Additional Associate Degrees

A student who has received an associate degree from ACC or any other regionally-accredited institution of higher education may obtain an additional associate degree in another area. However, students should meet with a Pathways Advisor before initiating the pursuit of another associate degree.

This provision is subject to the following stipulations:

  1. For each additional associate degree, a minimum of 15 semester credit hours, unique to that degree, must be completed at ACC. These credit hours may not repeat credit applied to a previous degree and must apply to the additional degree.
  2. All courses required by any specific program must be completed.

Course Substitution

Semester credit hours for a degree or certificate will not be waived. Core requirements may not be substituted. Substitutions for other requirements must be approved by the department chair, dean and the Vice President of Instruction. Substitutions approved for a degree will be applied to the corresponding certificate as well. Application for a course substitution must be initiated through a Pathways Advisor or through the course subject area Department Chair.

Graduation Grade Point Average

Graduation GPA is computed by dividing the total semester grade points earned by the total semester hours for all courses required for a particular certificate or degree. If a course is repeated, only the highest grade will be used. This calculation is used to determine the minimum GPA graduation standard of 2.0 for each degree awarded. This GPA is not posted to a student transcript. Graduation GPA’s are not rounded up.

Honors Grade Point Average

Graduation honors grade point average is recorded on the student’s graduation transcript and diploma as follows:

  • 3.5 GPA - Cum Laude - with honors
  • 3.7 GPA - Magna Cum Laude - with high honors
  • 3.9 GPA - Summa Cum Laude - with the highest honors

Honors GPA is calculated by dividing the total grade points earned by the total semester hours for all courses attempted at Alvin Community College, excluding developmental courses and grades of R. If a course is repeated, both grades will be calculated. Honors GPA’s are not rounded up.

Participation in Commencement with Honors

Associate degree candidates whose cumulative grade point average at Alvin Community College is 3.5 or higher from the previous semester will receive honors recognition during the commencement ceremony.

Commencement Ceremony

Graduates are encouraged to participate in commencement ceremonies. ACC conducts one commencement ceremony in May.  Participants in the ceremony will include graduates from the previous fall semester. In order for a student to qualify to participate in the May ceremony, they must have completed their courses and met their degree or certificate requirements during the spring semester or previous fall semester OR they must be currently registered (and paid in full or have set up a payment plan) in their last courses (12 hours maximum during summer) with anticipated completion by the end of the summer semester. Participation in the ceremony does not indicate the awarding of a degree. A degree is posted to the transcript when all graduation requirements have been met. 

More information about the ceremonies will be sent to students several weeks before the scheduled date and will be available on the college website as well.